The 8-Week Chakra Course

Starts: Tuesday evening November 5th 6:15pm-7:30pm live PST


Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Running on empty.

  • Taking classes that aren't the correct fit for today’s feminine learning approach.

  • Can’t explain in words how or why when something doesn’t feel quite right…only to find out later coulda woulda shoulda…

  • Overwhelmed when trying to make decisions.

  • Want to stay grounded and balanced yet feel alone or unsupported.

  • Want to be more intuitive, heart focused yet live in the ‘real world’.

If this is resonating with you, I'd love to invite you to join me and a group of positive, energetically aligned and supportive community on a chakra yoga 8-week journey.

I get it—I’ve been there! I know how important self care is and our ongoing learning to dive deeper into the layers of how to work from the outside in through the senses (hello aromatherapy!) and from the inside out to become clear, focused and shine brighter.

Good news!

You're not alone in seeking to experience how these ancient systems of energy wheels help inform our everyday choices and impact our health in positive and meaningful ways.

  • Imagine feeling totally clear on your way to work AND home from work

  • Imagine making a consistent yoga practice more meaningful to you off the mat

  • Imagine creating a home self care environment that you can’t wait to melt into and enjoy every day

  • Imagine putting systems in place that are simple, easy to follow and at your own pace with the support you need at your fingertips (literally with the EO package).

  • Image being part of a real community even with online learning components.


Your investment and what you’ll receive

$350 gets you the following each week:

  1. Online live 75 min practice with Q&A, reflection and connection time

  2. Home practice video with essential oil integration including DIY tips!

  3. Optional add on: Chakra roll on EO complete set for $130 including free shipping in the USA

Bonus: Recipe for DIY 1st Chakra EO blend!

Are you ready to let go?

Feel supported and invite the rewards of deep listening. Allow true health to be revealed through this systematic guided journey and practice to tuning into your own subtle energy system and gateway to the emotional body through this Chakra Series course.