Chakra Online 8 Week Course

Chakra Online 8 Week Course


Ever wonder why some days you just don’t feel good? Like something is not quite right and you don’t know why? This is the subtle energy field called the chakra system. In less than 2 months imagine the day you find yourself centered, clear and brightly showing up for yourself.

This online course is a uniquely designed to blend the best of online learning with the added benefit of essential oils to have a tangible way to connect with your own physical body in which the chakra system is an integral part of your being.

Join me and a group of like hearted learners to commit to feeling better. With me, Susan Topf, an experienced yoga teacher and healer to provide live support and guidance into learning about how these wheels of energy spin through our body of light and make all the difference in how we feel.

Whether you are new to the chakra system or an advanced practitioner, the mixed modalities of learning will deepen into your own individual experience of shedding unwanted energy and standing in your own energy field so that it feels balanced and clear. Each chakra is clearly explained and personal practice brings you closer to be more intuitively connected to your own sense of the system. You will find each chakra module builds on that momentum and feel a sense of true understanding through embodiment of this energy work.

Breathe. Feel better. You have the wheels of light inside you. Spin off excess (yours or another that is effecting you) and realign foundation, connect and shine with your own body of light.

Essential oil blends specific to each of the 7 chakras will be an optional part of the program. Enjoy!

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